Free 60 Avios for Completing a Short Tesco Feedback Form

Tesco ClubcardTesco is offering 25 free Clubcard points (convertible into 60 Avios at the standard rate) for completing a short feedback form.

The form is intended for people who have received a leaflet through the post, or for those that shopped at a Tesco recently, so you need the Tesco Store code from your receipt. However, if you don’t have a receipt to hand, you can find your local Tesco store code in first column of this PDF file.

Once you have your store code, simply go to this page, choose the “till coupon” option, enter the store code and fill in the feedback form. The form takes no more than a few minutes to complete and, at the end, you give your Tesco Clubcard number and you’ll get your Clubcard points thereafter.


Convert Cashback to Avios via Tesco

100% Cashback

Update (1st March 2013): I have done a eShop versus Topcashback comparison, to determine which route returns the greater number of Avios. You can see the results here.

Many people now use Cashback sites to get a few percent back on their house and car insurance, mobile phone, utilities and groceries. However, Topcashback has just added a new option where we can convert our cashback into Tesco Vouchers, with a 5% bonus. From, there, you can then use them as normal, including converting them into Avios.

There is a limit of £50 per year per account, but this is still a very good deal. £50 cashback gives £52.50 worth of Tesco vouchers which can be converted into 12,600 Avios at the standard conversion rates. However, Tesco has fairly regular 30-50% Avios conversion bonuses, so you can get even more.

But, even at the standard rate, you’re paying 0.4 per Avios, which is a very good deal.

If you’re not already a member of Topcashback, you should head over there and register. Even if you are already a member of another cashback site, such as QuidCo, it might still be worthwhile joining Topcashback – it has the added benefit that it does not charge £5 per year.

Free Prize Draw – Win 10,000 Tesco Clubcard Points (UK)

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco have a free-to-enter competition where you can win 10,000 Clubcard points. All you have to do is email and you’re entered into the draw. Note, however, that this signs you up to Tesco’s games marketing emails, so you might want to use something other than your regular email address.

10,000 Clubcard points can be converted into 24,000 Avios at today’s rates, but we’d recommend keeping them in Clubcard vouchers and hope that another deal, such as the recent 400 bonus points per £2.50 converted, comes along again. You can also convert them into Virgin Atlantic miles.

Tesco has more details here:

Earning Avios with Tesco (UK)

A great way to earn additional Avios in the UK is via Tesco. Basically, you can convert your Tesco vouchers into Avios (either BA Avios or the scheme formerly known as Airmlies, now called Avios) at a rate of 600 Avios for every £2.50 worth of vouchers.

However, its not only shopping a Tesco that lets you do this. Another great way is via the Tesco Mastercard. We’d recommend putting all major spend onto your BA Amex card, but there are still a number of places that don’t accept Amex, so you should use the Tesco Mastercard as your backup. Tesco give you 1 Clubcard point for every £4 of spend, and this works out at roughly 0.6 Avios per £ spent after you convert. This is obviously not as good as 1.5 Avios per £ spend with the BA Premium Plus card (or the 1 Avios per £ spend with the standard BA Amex card) which is why we recommend it as a backup.

You can apply online for the card here: