BA Spring/Summer 2013 Business and First Class Sale

British AirwaysBritish Airways has loaded Business & First Class sale fares today, with long-haul Club World offers starting from £855 return.

More information over at the Continental Club blog.


American Express BA Premium Plus Card Bonus Down to 19,000 Avios

British Airways
The bonus for being referred for the British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card has been reduced to 19,000 Avios from today. This is still a good deal, but not quite as good as the 26,000 Avios being offered last week. I have updated the Credit Card Offers page to reflect the change.

London Gatwick Changes – And BA Infighting

British Airways

Its never good to hear about potential job losses, outsourcing or changes to working practices, but we’ve had two instances of that with British Airways over the past few days. The first is the purchase of BMI by British Airways and the potential loss of 1,200 jobs but there are also changes afoot at London Gatwick with 120 check-in and customer service staff being made redundanct and 400 other ground staff being transferred to a sub-contractor.

It is at times like this that staff need to pull together, act as one, but this is BA, with its history of in-fighting amongst ground staff and cabin crew, cabin crew and pilots, managers and staff, Heathrow staff and Gatwick staff – this all came to light during the strikes and threatened strikes of 2010 and 2011. While the public bickering of internet bulletin boards was often entertaining, it was also sad to see.

Unfortunately, the scars are showing again, this time on the Flyertalk boards. A thread that initially started as a discussion about the future of Gatwick has turned into a bit of a bitch-fest with Heathrow staff mocking their Gatwick counterparts over the volunteer staff that supported (in BA’s eyes) the company during the strikes of last year.

You can read the sorry story here:

Hopefully this can all be resolved without too much damage to BA’s reputation, and with minimal impact to their staff and customers.

Free Prize Draw – Win 10,000 Tesco Clubcard Points (UK)

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco have a free-to-enter competition where you can win 10,000 Clubcard points. All you have to do is email and you’re entered into the draw. Note, however, that this signs you up to Tesco’s games marketing emails, so you might want to use something other than your regular email address.

10,000 Clubcard points can be converted into 24,000 Avios at today’s rates, but we’d recommend keeping them in Clubcard vouchers and hope that another deal, such as the recent 400 bonus points per £2.50 converted, comes along again. You can also convert them into Virgin Atlantic miles.

Tesco has more details here:

Last Chance for up to 25 Avios per £ Spend (UK)

LloydsTSBA quick reminder that today is the last day to apply for the Lloyds TSB Premier Duo card, if you want to earn 12.5 Avios per £ spent in the UK and double that for foreign spend.

More details in this post.

Avios have extended this offer in the past, but many people have been earning hundreds of thousands of miles and Avios from it, so don’t be surprised if its gone for good after today.

Join BMI Diamond Club for Free Avios Opportunity (UK)

Diamond Club

Update: It looks like BMI have now removed this offer. Check back soon to  find out soon what’s happening to those Diamond Club miles, or if you’re looking for a quick way to increase your balance by 42,000 miles, check out this post.

We’ve already described the Free Avios Opportunity through taking out the BMI American Express Credit Card, but there’s also another way to get some BMI miles that will possibly be converted into Avios in the near future. This is only for people who are not already a member of BMI Diamond Club, and is only earns 1,000 miles, but it is very simple to earn them.

Simply sign up for BMI’s Diamond Club, and you’ll get a 1,000 miles signup bonus:

We should get more clarity in the next few weeks as to what British Airways plans to do with Diamond Club and BMI miles.

Free Prize Draw – Tour of British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner

British Airways

Update: This competition is now over, and the winners have been announced on Flyertalk.

Many frequent flyers have a great interest in the aviation industry and this free prize draw might be of interest to them. BA are offering members of the Flyertalk community a free tour of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, on Monday 30th April 2012. A excerpt from the post on Flyertalk is below:

I am very excited to be able to offer our members on Flyertalk a very special opportunity.

We have 30 spaces to invite the lucky winners as our guests to an exclusive tour of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the official opening of our no.1 maintenance hangar, recently remodelled to accommodate the new additions to our fleet.

The event will take place on Monday 30 April from 08:30-11:00 and will take place at the British Airways Engineering Base. The opening ceremony will commence at 09:00am and light refreshments will be provided.

The full post, including details on how to put your name into the draw, are here: