Earning Avios – BA eShop verus Topcashback

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As I explained earlier this week, you can now convert up to £50 of cashback from Topcashback.com into Tesco Clubcard vouchers, with a 5% bonus, and from there you can convert them into Avios.

A £50 conversion of cashback returns 12,600 Avios at the standard rate conversion rate, meaning you’re getting your Avios for under 0.4p each – a very good rate that is quite difficult to beat. Additionally, there are often conversion bonuses between Tesco Clubcard vouchers and Avios, so the recommendation is to hold onto your vouchers unless you need to convert them or if they are about to expire (they have a two year validity).

However, as most people know, you can also earn Avios by shopping at the eShop on britishairways.com, so I though I’d do a comparison on which route would result in the greater number of Avios for a £100 spend.

You can see a fuller analysis below, but the investigation is fairly conclusive: buying online from most retailers via Topcashback.com, and converting your cashback to Tesco Clubcard vouchers and then onto Avios, returns between 2 and 4 times as many Avios as going via the BA eShop.

eShop v Topcashback

BA eShop v Topcashback – Which returns the most Avios?

The table above is not a full list of retailers available on either the BA eShop or on Topcashback.com, but I’ve chosen a wide representation across various retail sectors. The outcome is clear, however, for up to £50 of cashback, Topcashback.com is the clear winner if you want to get Avios from your online shopping.

Note that if you click through to Topcashback.com from the links on this page, and get over £10 cashback, I will receive a small referrers fee and it does not change your account in any way. If you’d rather that did not happen, please go to the site direct.


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