American Express 52,000 Membership Rewards Bonus – Time Running Out

Amex Platinum CardTime is running out if you want to be referred, for the American Express Platinum Charge card and receive 52,000 Amex Membership Rewards points, which can be converted to 52,000 Avios, or to other airline and hotel programs.

This offer expires on 3rd March and, after this date, it is likely that the offer will reduce significantly, possibly back to the 40,000 bonus it was last year.

You can find more details on this offer here or you can apply for the card here.


American Express Statement Credit with Foursquare

Update (1st March 2013): Some of the offers below have now expired, but Debenhams and Fenwick have been added to the list. See more details here.

Many people will have heard of this offer, but for those that haven’t, Foursquare have a deal running with American Express where you get a statement credit when you make  card purchases at specific retailers. For example, if you spend £50 on your American Express card at House of Fraser before 28th Feburary, you’ll get a £25 statement credit back on your American Express statement. The full list of retailers taking part in the offer is as follows:

American Express and Foursquare Offer

In order to register for the offer, you need a Foursquare account and you then have to sync your American Express card with that account. You do so at the following URL:

Once you have done that, you need to download the Foursquare app (available for both iPhones and Android devices), “Check in” to each retailer. This will “Unlock” the offer on your device and you then need to “Load” the offer onto your card. After that, you’re all set – just make the purchases.

One of the best ways to utilise this deal is to buy Giftcard’s before the offer end date, from those retailers that have them – you can use the gift cards beyond the end of the offer, but still get the statement credit.

Note that you can check in to the retailer in advance of actually visiting the store (eg, days before) and you do not have to check in to the same store you end up visiting. The most important thing, and the one some people have forgotten, is that you have to load the offer to your card within the Foursquare app. If you do not do this, you will not get the statement credit.

If you have multiple American Express cards (credit cards or  charge cards) then you can set up one Foursquare account per card, and sync each American Express card to its own Foursquare account. This way, you can get multiple statement credits.

To track this, I’d recommend keeping a spreadsheet or other document detailing which cards are sync’d to which Foursquare accounts.

One final trick is to use a feature of GMail to register a different email address with each Foursquare account. If you have GMail address such as, then you can create multiple versions of it, but where all emails go to the same inbox. To do this, you add “+something” to the email address.

So, and look like two separate email addresses to Foursquare, but all emails sent to either address arrive into the same Inbox in GMail.

Two additional retailers are also soon to be added to the offer:

Amex and Foursquare - future retailers

If you do not already have an American Express card, check out the Credit Card Offers page.

Convert Cashback to Avios via Tesco

100% Cashback

Update (1st March 2013): I have done a eShop versus Topcashback comparison, to determine which route returns the greater number of Avios. You can see the results here.

Many people now use Cashback sites to get a few percent back on their house and car insurance, mobile phone, utilities and groceries. However, Topcashback has just added a new option where we can convert our cashback into Tesco Vouchers, with a 5% bonus. From, there, you can then use them as normal, including converting them into Avios.

There is a limit of £50 per year per account, but this is still a very good deal. £50 cashback gives £52.50 worth of Tesco vouchers which can be converted into 12,600 Avios at the standard conversion rates. However, Tesco has fairly regular 30-50% Avios conversion bonuses, so you can get even more.

But, even at the standard rate, you’re paying 0.4 per Avios, which is a very good deal.

If you’re not already a member of Topcashback, you should head over there and register. Even if you are already a member of another cashback site, such as QuidCo, it might still be worthwhile joining Topcashback – it has the added benefit that it does not charge £5 per year.

Miles Mania Returns

no original description

So Miles Mania went quiet all of a sudden in the middle of last year – some family/personal stuff came up that had to be dealt with, but its all ok now, so we’re back, hoping to help us all make the most of our frequent flyer programs.

The first thing I’ve done is update the American Express Credit Cards page with the latest sing-up deals – a great way to quickly earn some Membership Rewards points that you can then convert to other airline programs, such as British Airways Avios.

I’ve also summarised these offers below.

52,000 Bonus Membership Reward Points with the American Express Platinum Card

22,000 Bonus Membership Reward Points with the American Express Gold Card

26,000 Bonus Avios with the British Airways American Express Premium Plus Credit Card

Please keep checking out the site as I bring you more offers.