Integration of BMI with BA Continues

British AirwaysBritish Airways is hard at work integrating BMI into its operations. It has posted the following notices to its agents, detailing how BMI flights will be integrated:

Following the completion of the purchase of bmi on 20th April, British Airways is planning to integrate bmi into its operations.

The integration is likely to be a phased process, beginning on 23rd May. On this date, a number of bmi routes will transition to British Airways inventory control, using BA prime flight numbers.

Full details will be made available in due course.

The airlines will begin the process of moving bmi bookings into British Airways’ systems. This process will begin on 10th May when these changes will be actioned in both British Airways’ and bmi’s respective inventory systems.

In line with normal re-accommodation process, agents will receive a cancellation message from bmi, via the GDS, relating to the original bmi flight. The bmi flight code and number will change to a BA code and number. The flight will operate to the same schedule.

Trade partners with such bookings will be responsible for advising their customers of the changes and the corresponding re-issue of tickets.

British Airways requires that the e-ticket coupon and corresponding flight reservation match, which means that tickets will need to be reissued on an involuntary reroute basis. Specific ticket re-issue instructions will follow.

All tickets must be re-issued before a customer can travel. Failure to re-issue a ticket may result in customers not being able to travel.

The process of integrating two airlines the size of British Airways and bmi brings with it significant complexities. We are working hard to minimise the impact on agents and to keep agents up to date with our progress.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this period of transition and your support in helping customers so their travel plans are not impacted.

British Airways plans to operate bmi’s summer schedule and is not making any changes to the flight schedule as part of the re-accommodation process.

Further information will be made available closer to 10th May.

The original notice is here:


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