BMI to BA Status Match Now Available

BMI LogoBMI Diamond Club Silver and Gold card holders can now activate their status match with British Airways, and will receive the same level. The form you need to fill in is here:

However, don’t rush into doing this unless your BMI card is expiring this week or you have some British Airways flights in the next few weeks. It is recommended that you at least wait until after May 8th (all British Airways years start on the 8th of the month) which will give you an additional month of status with BA.

Additionally, if you are already a BA executive club member Silver or Gold member and do a status match, BA will reset your Executive Club year to the “current” month and will also remove any existing tier points you have, but then gives you 12 months at Silver or Gold from the date of the status match.

So, in general, you should take the following into account before deciding when you apply your status match:

  • Your BMI year end/status expiry date (this is not the date on yout BMI card)
  • If you already have status with BA,  your current BA status expiry date
  • Your BA travel plans for the next few months

Those that are new to BAEC and who want to quickly increase their Avios balance might want to check out the Amex Platinum Charge Card.


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