BA Takeover of BMI – Email to BMI Staff

The following message has been set to BMI staff from Peter Simpson, the new BMI Managing Director:

Dear all,

I am pleased to join bmi officially today and having only spent a short time with the bmi team I’m already impressed with your passion for the business. Therefore as I lead bmi throughout the proposed integration process, I am confident that we can achieve a successful integration.

I would like to thank Wolfgang and Joerg for their commitment and dedication to the bmi business and for their work during the integration process. As you are aware from Wolfgang’s email, Simone Menne will continue with bmi as chief financial officer and joining the new bmi management team is Gavin Halliday who will look after commercial and David Lebrecht who is responsible for HR.

Now that the sale of bmi to International Airlines Group (IAG) is complete, ownership has been transferred from Lufthansa to British Airways. It is my aim to ensure that there is a smooth transition of bmi to British Airways and we will continue to manage our own business and operations during this time. From today it is very much business as usual for our customers. Our summer 2012 schedule will continue as planned and our customers can confidently book with us.

As you know, the proposal is to integrate bmi into BA in time for the start of the winter 2012 schedule. The bmi fleet would be repainted in British Airways’ livery and transferred to BA in a phased manner during the coming months. As we progress we will be able to share more details with you.

All the consultation groups are now underway and started on 3rd April with the commercial group and on the 12th April for all other areas. We needed to act quickly in respect to the commercial group as from today we no longer have the commercial support of the Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance. We will continue to keep you updated throughout the consultation process and you can speak to your Union or Management representative.

With regards to bmibaby and bmi Regional, the current team will remain responsible for day to day management of the airlines. As both airlines have not been sold prior to completion, under the terms of the purchase agreement, IAG will acquire bmibaby and bmi Regional. IAG has previously stated that both airlines are not part of their long term plans, so they are reviewing several options for bmibaby and bmi Regional and further updates will be made in due course.

Understandably this is a challenging period of time for all of you and in our ever changing environment, maintaining stability in our business will be key. So we need to remain focused on continuing our safe operation and on providing the same great service that customers expect from bmi.

The bmi management team and I are fully committed to supporting you throughout the integration process and we will keep you updated as we progress over the coming months.

Thank you,

Peter Simpson

bmi Managing Director

With Lufthansa unable to sell BMI Regional or BMIBaby before the completion of the takeover, it is now BA’s responsibility to deal with them and it is clear from the message above that there are still more changes to come for staff in those groups.


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