Amex Platinum Charge Card Fee Increase (UK)

Amex Platinum Card

As we reported last week, Amex has increased the annual fee on its Platinum Charge card by 50% to an eye-watering £450 per year!

There are apparently a whole swathe of new benefits coming with the card, rumoured to be things like a free round of golf or 6 guest Priority Pass vouchers, but Amex will have to do better than that to make this increase worthwhile to most people, particularly since the changes to the insurance benefits at the end of last year.

We still believe it is worth new cardholders applying for the card to earn the 42,000 Membership Reward points, and once they have the points in their account, cancel the card to receive a pro-rata refund on the annual fee, but people should think long and hard as to whether this card is one they want to keep year-on-year.


4 thoughts on “Amex Platinum Charge Card Fee Increase (UK)

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  4. they lied to existing card holders about the new Cathay Pacific MarcoPolo club GOLD status membership: that’s limited to one calendar year, not permanent as they lead you to believe! I’m thinking about cancelling my card…

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